We are an initiative group of Ukrainian restaurant market activists, who have gathered together to help find work for hospitality professionals from Ukraine abroad while our country is at war.

Please pay attention to the accommodation issue, since this is one of the determining factors for Ukrainian women who have moved to other countries. Additionally, please let us know whether you have the opportunity to accept specialists with a low level of English language or any local language.
We involve restaurateurs from all over the world to participate and support our initiative. Please kindly fill in the application form following the link below, if your business is ready to offer vacancies for professionals from Ukraine.
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We are a non-profit organization and we do not take money from any of the parties. We are a team of volunteers who want to help. Please be informed that there are not always immediate candidates in your country on our list, though we do try to offer the best options for both candidates and restaurateurs. Therefore, the recruitment process can be extended. Be advised to let us know in case your vacancy is no longer relevant by the mail: lanausupergirl@gmail.com
A team of volunteers
Nastasia Gvozdeva
Anastasia Kupets
Anastasia Riapasova
Andrii Udovychenko
Viktoria Hudzyk
Vova Tashaev
Katya Balitskaya
Olesya Chorna
Svitlana Pokhvaliy
Yulia Chesnokova
Yulia Zhuk
Sasha Stukalska
Olena Polishcuk
Kateryna Avdieeva
Anelia Redelbach
Elizaveta Panchenko
Natalia Bayura
Sasha Vlasiuk
Julia Aurora Ogorodnyk
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